Paper iPad app

As soon as Paper came out I purchased it for my iPad, it doesn’t have everything I need like Brushes or Penultimate does but it has a great water brush. Last weekend we went to see David Hockneys exhibition at the Royal Academy in London, he had these large prints in one room from work […]

Flare for mac

  Flare for mac from the mac app store is a great image application for editing images. I noticed the small app in the mac app store, although I use photoshop daily I was intrigued with this program. I downloaded it and started using it for quick edits to photos, it has a number of […]

Quick Update

Been so busy with work this year haven’t exactly been quick to post things to the site. So here are a few links to apps I have been using/testing out over the last few months. Smultron – HTML code editor – very handy little HTML/CODE/CSS Editor using this instead of the equally good TACO – […]

Polarize App for your iPhone

This is a new app for the iPhone it’s called Polarize and it was developed by Christopher Comair. I have found this app to be really useful at quickly adding notes to photos taken on the iPhone or in my photo/camera roll.  It basically polarizes the photo then allows you too add a tag, the […]

10 Free iPhone Apps I use daily

I still have the older and first generation of iPhones, here is my list of ten apps I use daily. Did I mention that all these apps are free! I’m not putting them in any particular order just as they come out as I type.

iPhone your life

Once you own an iPhone, you discover that it’s more than a phone. It’s a way of life. Take a look at some ideas to help you get the most out of your iPhone, wherever you go. Apple creates a dedicated area to using you iPhone for all kinds of useful things.