Ripit – DVD ripping app for Mac

I was having some issues ripping some DVD’s for my AppleTV, namely kids films by a very well known film company. My children love these films and because they keep getting the DVD’s out and scratching them I wasn’t going to purchase them for the third time. I usually use handbrake for this task but for some reason this disc would copy it in the wrong order, only a few of the chapters would be back to front. If you have this problem then read on to find out how this handy little program has helped.

I use ripit to rip the entire discĀ  which creates the usual video and audio ts folders, which are in the right order but the file size is to large for what I want. You could burn it to DVD from there but I only want it on my AppleTV or other IOS device. I then use HandBrake to convert these files for my AppleTV, I also have the added bonus now that I can run it back through handbrake again setting the size of the file I want so that I can put more than a few films on my iPad or iPhone for the children to watch.


Ripit also seems to work very fast even ripping the movie at full size, although it has an option to compress the movie for iTunes and your AppleTV much like what you get just using handbrake. It’s a great value liitle app for the mac from the people at the LittleAppFactory.

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