Polarize App for your iPhone

This is a new app for the iPhone it’s called Polarize and it was developed by Christopher Comair. I have found this app to be really useful at quickly adding notes to photos taken on the iPhone or in my photo/camera roll. 

It basically polarizes the photo then allows you too add a tag, the finished product looks like polaroid snaps.


“Want to add a funky retro look to your photos? Polarize will do the job for you! Polarize is the only iPhone application that will do a series of pixel-by-pixel modifications to your photos, getting that true look. No cheezy overlays are done here.

Polarize gives you:

-A great unique look to your photos

-The ability to write at the bottom of your photos with a custom hand written font

-Any size photo is accepted!

-High resolution output”

Why not give it a go, click here for iTunes link or check out his site apps beacon

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